2 Ways to Make a Website

two ways to create a website
Content Management Service (CMS)

Becoming popular in 2016, CMS platforms like WordPress have allowed virtually anybody to create their own website for a variety of different functions and objectives.

You have a number of options in this category, but the three I have seen gaining popularity lately are WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. They come in free versions and several paid version, which allow more freedom to customize. The following Pro and Con list contains several reasons off the top of my head.


easy to use

quick to learn

automatically optimized for mobile

free versions are available

hosting is taken care of



limited customization in free version

“cookie cutter” appearance

The Technical Approach (HTML5, CSS, etc.)

This approach requires knowledge of several computing languages. HTML5 is the latest version of hypertext markup language. CSS stands for cascading style sheets. These are used in conjunction to build and style web pages. Other languages can be used to add various elements to a website.


unlimited customization



must know HTML and CSS

time consuming to learn other languages




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