How To Get Certified In Google AdWords


Have you ever wondered how you can become Google AdWords certified? If you have and you are still not certified, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll break it down into five easy steps for you to follow.

Depending on your knowledge of Adwords and the various ways you can apply it, you may need to review some of the fundamentals.

1) Create a Google Partners account

You can link your existing Google account with your Google Partners account to keep things simple. Click here to get started. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with what you will need to accomplish.

2) Pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam

You will need to understand the basics of AdWords Search and Display network. You will have 120 minutes to complete 100 questions. A passing score is 80% or better. This exam is multiple choice, as are the others.

3) Pass One of the other AdWords Exams

Each Exam requires and 80% or better for a passing score.

Your options include…

  • Search Advertising
    • 100 questions
    • 120 minutes
  • Display Advertising
    • 100 questions
    • 120 minutes
  • Video Advertising
    • 74 questions
    • 90 minutes
  • Shopping Advertising
    • 60 questions
    • 90 minutes
  • Mobile Advertising
    • 70 questions
    • 90 minutes

4) You are now “technically” Certified in Google AdWords

But if I were you, I’d continue with the other exams to prove your competency on AdWords. Having an AdWords certification shows that you are knowledgeable on the basics and fundamentals. You will need to update it yearly, by completing the exams again, but this helps maintain the integrity of the certification.

I hope you found this article useful!

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