3 Examples of Brands Using 360-degree Video On YouTube


YouTube has allowed users to record 360-degree videos for several years now. Since then, the user-friendliness has been the topic discussion and improvement. As YouTube’s 360-degree video has improved, Brands are eager to experiment in this new direction.

The general feeling of the 360-degree videos is more closely related to a video game than a video. It makes them more interactive, allowing users to explore the entire field of view, contributing to a more meaningful experience.

When used in conjunction with Google Cardboard, the new Google Daydream or another basic VR headset, the experience becomes more immersive. Look out digital marketers, more improvements are coming and 360-degree video will be an important medium for current and future campaigns.

1. Nike Hypervenom II – The Neymar Jr. Effect

While it is an interesting concept, this campaign was not executed very well. There are certain applications for 360-degree video that are better than others.

Watch the Nike video HERE

2. Infiniti – The Dream Road

This is where 360-degree video excels. The stationary position of the driver, while the car is moving, create a dynamic environment that feels natural to look around.

Try it for yourself HERE

3. Qantas – Visit Hamilton Island

Combining stunning natural vistas, snorkeling, and a first-hand tour of the room. The ability to transport people to a place, an experience, or a specific feeling are all at the heart of advertising. It is hard to not get excited as the plane begins its landing in the video, because the video makes people relate in a way that is just impossible with regular video. Just watch this video and try not to exit mid-way to buy your plane ticket to Hamilton Island. One concern though, the producers may want to re-think the idea of watching other people enjoy the private room, it feels slightly creepy.

Check out the travel video HERE.

More Videos…

Check out the entire playlist put together by YouTube Advertisers


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