8 Marketing Insights from Google’s Product Launch



The Pixel offers a 5 inch display with 1080 x 1920 resolution. Starting at $649, like the competing iPhone 7.

The Pixel XL has a 5.5 inch display with 1440 x 2160 resolution. Starting at $769.

Both phones run the newest Android operating system, Nougat. The entry level storage on both phones is 32GB, however they may be upgraded to 128GB versions. This phone may be the best option for Android lovers who would like to avoid the exploding Samsung Galaxy. Available colors are Really Blue, Very Silver, and Quite Black.

Initially the phones will be sold unlocked through Google or may be purchased through Verizon, securing their position as the only provider selling the new Google Pixel. To further incentivize going with Verizon, they are offering a free Daydream VR (Google’s new VR goggles and a value of $79) set with every order before 10/19/2016. Verizon is positioned to succeed as Android loyal consumers flock to be the first users of a quality Google phone.

Best Buy is further incentivizing the switch to Verizon by offering a $100 gift card and an original Google Chromecast with every Pixel purchase and 2 year contract. Although Best Buy has experienced difficulties in supplying pre-orders and in-store purchases, they have the opportunity to restore the brand image by offering a valuable promotion to their customers.

Daydream View VR


The Daydream View is Google’s take on virtual reality. This is the most exciting media segment for me as a marketing student. The future applications are really unlimited, but let’s get back to what this product actually is.

The ‘goggles’ are soft to the touch and fit snuggly on the user’s head. They do not have any additional sensors, which makes them like a glorified shoebox strapped to your head. They work by positioning the Pixel directly in front of the eyes to create a three dimensional experience. The sensors on the phone control how the environment reacts to movements.


Advertising on these devices may take the form of 360 degree videos or fully interactive virtual reality experiences. Although relatively new, companies have been taking advantage of the ability to create immersive campaigns like Nike’s 360 degree video titled The Neymar Jr. Effect. Watch it on your VR device here.

Becoming more and more mainstream and accessible through reducing cost the various virtual reality tools can be leveraged to advertise and market to very specific consumer segments.

Google WiFi


Google’s solution to complicated routers. This is simple to use and easy to set up. A companion app was actually developed to ease the setup process. These routers can be used to build a mesh network, which combines multiple routers to strengthen the signal in your house! These are starting at $129 or a 3-pack can be purchased for $299.

A product like this will continue to strengthen people’s love for the internet and constant high-speed access. Marketers can take this as another sign of the long slow death of cable as an advertising medium, while internet campaigns become the majority of a company’s budget.

Google Home

Google Home Dylan Ries

Similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Home is a device powered by Assistant to make life easier for its users. Starting at $129, Google Home will be available this November.

If the three previous companies are all taking voice control seriously, then you know it will have a major impact on the future. The ability to purchase items on Amazon using your voice is already here, but with Google entering the game, the scale is bound to increase. Users may be able to use the device to access the same items one would find doing a shopping search on Google.

Further implications for marketers include the importance of SEO. I’ll give a brief example to illustrate my point. A person uses the Assistant feature to find a restaurant near their current location that serves the best shawarma. Assistant can take that voice input and present relevant results. However, the algorithm used to display results will learn about the user and begin showing results that would be more appealing or relevant to their unique history.

Chromecast Ultra


A newer version that offers 4K quality and improvements to wifi connectivity. Starting at $69 and available this November. Further evidence that consumers are switching to streaming services for entertainment rather than cable or satellite television.


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